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$83 gift card (20000 AA miles) – Citibank : regular checking account, do direct deposit or online bill payments or qualifying non-PIN purchase transactions; Exp. – 8/15/09

By , August 6, 2010
The following info about a 20,000 AA Miles offer was shared by SD member ebelsky on SD. Please note that you can redeem 19,988 points for $83 gift card via as of 8/6/10.

20k AA Miles w/ Citi Checking Account! (YMMV)
I just got this email, and here's the skinny of it:
1) You must have a citicard.
2) Account has a $6k minimum balance, unless the direct deposit you are setting up is from a company that is set up with the Citi At Work program (or something like that)- then there is no minimum balance. Both companies I work for checked out, so I'd imagine there are quite a few companies on this list.
3) Must open account with $1k.
4) Maintenance fee if minimum not met is only $9.50/month, so even if you don't continue the DD, you can just do the billpays or whatever and still fulfill the promo.
5) They only do a soft check, not hard credit pull.

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