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3.78% CNBT savings + unlimited ATM withdrawals

By , September 16, 2005

Account info:

"Earn 3.78% APY on your entire account balance. No monthly fees, no minimum balance. Reward Savings may seem to good to be true but it actually is very simple. When you help us serve you in the most efficient manner, we reward you in the form of a high yielding account. Here are the simple steps to a higher yielding savings account:

Step 1: Open your Reward Savings account online by clicking on the gold "Open Account Now"
Step 2: Link to Your account. Contribute to your savings account electronically at any time.
To add this convenient feature to your Reward Savings account click here.
Step 3: Receive your statement through encrypted email. To enroll for encrypted email
statements now click here.

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3.80% Net checking + from First Community Bank

By , September 3, 2005

Thanks bobj4172 for posting info about this bank on FW


By , August 12, 2005
:) :) :) :) :)
4.75% 5 YR CD AT ING DIRECT, NO MIN. I recently opened a savings account with ING and got the $25 Bonus. The account was easy to set up online, and I like the way their web page is set up. 4.75% is a good deal right now. Does anyone know of a higher rate at another bank:
:) :) :) :) :)

High-interest (up-to 3.75%) money market from Key

By , August 1, 2005
Key bank offers a new money market account (Key Platinum Money Market Savings) with rate as high as 3.75% for certain balances and local markets.

Check what rate Key bank offers in your area using this link.

4% APY MM, Lockheed Martin CU, anybody can join

By , July 30, 2005
davelanton posted the following info on FW:

"Here's some more details on the "Money Tree Market Account" paying 4% APY:

$25K minimum to earn interest and avoid monthly fees
no ATM or checkbook, only access through internal transfers or wire ($20 fee for wires).

You can open a VALUE CHECKING account and link it to the Money Market to get money in and out. Value Checking is fee-free if you have DD of $100/month or sign up for electronic statements.

Lockheed Martin FCU is open to all for membership if you join The Achievers Club for $5.

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6 month CD – 3.93% from CORUS Bank

By , July 29, 2005

Millennium Bank 8% CD

By , July 11, 2005
Did anyone have experience with Millennium Bank advitised 8% CD ? I just talked to them, it is a foreign bank resides outside of United States. Not FDIC insured. Just wondering if it is a trick or even a trap. Please advise............

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