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Millennium Bank 8% CD

By , July 11, 2005
Did anyone have experience with Millennium Bank advitised 8% CD ? I just talked to them, it is a foreign bank resides outside of United States. Not FDIC insured. Just wondering if it is a trick or even a trap. Please advise............

UFB pays 3.3% & ATM reimbursements

By , April 10, 2005
link offers a good deal with many attractive features including 2 way
ACH and ATM fee reimbursements.

Resource Bank pays 3.30% APY on MMA

By , March 28, 2005
Resource Bank eMoney Market Account pays 3.30% APY for deposits over $9,999.99

Western Financial Bank pays 3.25% on MMA

By , March 1, 2005
This bank pays 3.25% APY guaranteed till 11/31/05 for deposits over $5000.
There is no other condition and it allows withdrawls and deposits by ACH.

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