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$200 NFL Extra Points Credit Card

By , June 22, 2013
$200 NFL Extra Points Credit Card;cellNumber=500

Bonus Points: Cardmembers will receive a one time bonus award of twenty thousand [20,000] NFL Extra Points after the first time their NFL Extra Points credit card is used to make an initial Purchase or Balance Transfer. Bonus Points will be posted within approximately thirty [30] days after the qualifying transaction. Use of Balance Transfer Checks or convenience checks will not qualify for any bonus points. The Balance Transfer is subject to the Balance Transfer Fee set forth in the Terms and Conditions. From time to time, we may offer bonuses or points or other premiums to new NFL Extra Points Cardmembers. If you receive a bonus or award for which you are not eligible, we may revoke the bonus or award, or reduce your points by the amount of the award, or charge your account for the fair value of the bonus or award, at our option.
You understand and agree that, unless we otherwise state, you are no longer eligible to receive these bonuses and/or awards for any new NFL Extra Points credit card accounts you open after your first account with Barclaycard is opened. Unless otherwise stated in the offer, these bonuses and/or awards are intended for persons who are not, and have not previously been, NFL Extra Points credit card members with Barclaycard.

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