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2500 bonus points (up to $25 value) and up to 1% rewards – USAA : USAA Rewards Visa; Exp. – unknown

By , December 31, 2012


Note: 2500 bonus points will have a $25 bonus value if you redeem them for travel rewards. If you redeem bonus points for cash or gift cards, the bonus value will be lower.


Earn 2,500 Bonus Points after your first purchase and one point for every dollar in purchases with no limit to the amount you can earn.

Enjoy variable rates as low as 9.9% APR on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

No annual fee and no minimum finance charge.

Redeem your USAA Rewards points towards cash, gift cards, name brand merchandise and travel with no blackout date.

Redeem your points anytime on or from your mobile device with no redemption fee.

Free Travel and Retail Benefits:1 Get benefits like Visa Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver Insurance, Worldwide Automatic

Travel Accident Insurance, and Warranty Manager Service.

How USAA Rewards Points are Awarded

You will receive One (1) Point for each dollar in Net Purchases made with a USAA credit card enrolled in the USAA Rewards Program (your "USAA Rewards Card").
"Net Purchases" mean the total Qualifying Purchases made with your USAA Rewards Card, less any returns, credits or adjustments that are not payments. A "Qualifying Purchase" is any Purchase made with your USAA Rewards Card as the term "Purchase" is defined in your USAA Credit Card Agreement. Points awarded on all of your USAA Rewards Accounts will be combined, however Points awarded on USAA Rewards Accounts on which you are not the primary account holder cannot be combined.
The following transactions are NOT Qualifying Purchases and therefore Points are not awarded on them: Finance Charges, Other Charges, fees, debt protection fees, Cash Advances of any kind (including Balance Transfers, Convenience Checks, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Bank teller withdrawals, wire transfers, the purchase of money orders, cashier checks, travelers checks, or other negotiable instruments, foreign currency, wager or lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, payments of loans, or similar cash equivalent transactions), or any transaction in which you enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or similar code.
Points are not awarded on a USAA Rewards Account after it is closed. Additionally, all Points will be forfeited and no additional Points will be awarded on any of your USAA Rewards Accounts if one or more of them are closed by us, suspended, delinquent, over limit, or otherwise in default as defined in your Credit Card Agreement.
Rewards Points from credit cards are awarded at the end of each billing cycle on each of your USAA Rewards credit card accounts. We reserve the right to verify and adjust Points at any time. If you or we close all of your USAA Rewards Account(s) or terminate your participation in the Program, all Points will be forfeited even if one or more of your USAA Rewards Accounts is later reopened or you re-enroll in the Program. You can see your Point redemptions and balances online at Points are not transferable (except as a Reward under the "Point Gift Giving" section of these Terms and Conditions), and cannot be bought, sold, or used as payment on your Account.
Points cannot be transferred between the Program and any other rewards program. Points are not your property and have no cash value until redeemed for Rewards.
How to Redeem USAA Rewards Points

You or any joint account holder on your USAA Rewards Account(s) can redeem your Points online at anytime or by calling the USAA Rewards Service Center at 1-800-980-USAA (8722) between 9:00 a.m. ― 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time, every day. All redemptions are final. Points cannot be earned or redeemed, and will be forfeited, unless you have at least one open USAA Rewards Account. We reserve the right to refuse to redeem Points if any of your USAA Rewards Accounts is closed by us, suspended, delinquent, over limit, or in default, or if your enrollment in the Program is terminated or suspended. Except for Airline Travel Rewards, payment may not be supplemented with Points to redeem Rewards. Determination and payment of any tax liability is your sole responsibility.
Your Reward Choices

You may redeem Points for the following Rewards, subject to the restrictions and limitations in these Terms and Conditions.
A. Airline Travel Rewards

You may use Points toward the purchase of an airline ticket on any airline carrier that can be booked by ALG's travel service (the "Airline Rewards"). We reserve the right to exclude an airline for safety or quality purposes. We do not guaranty the availability of any flight, airline, or seat. Tickets may be booked online at or by calling 1-800-980-USAA (8722). Tickets can be First Class, Business, or Coach, with no restrictions on dates, times, or seating. Tickets can be one-way, multi-leg, or round-trip in and out of any airports serviced by the airlines included in the Program.
We will pay the following Reward Value based on the amount of Points you redeem:

Number of Points Redeemed Reward Value*
15,000 $150
22,500 $225
25,000 $250
30,000 $300
42,000 $420
60,000 $600
90,000 $900
120,000 $1,200
* Reward Value includes any taxes, destination fees, September 11th Security Fee, and any airline-imposed surcharges.
If the cost of the airline ticket is less than the Reward Value for the amount of Points redeemed, we will credit one of your USAA Rewards Accounts for the difference.
If the cost of the airline ticket is more than the Reward Value for the amount of Points you want to redeem, you will have the option of paying the difference with one of your USAA Rewards Cards or other card we accept or choosing another flight within the Reward Value.
All tickets must be booked online at or through the USAA Rewards Service Center by the primary or secondary account holder. The itinerary will either be mailed to the address on the ALG system or e-mailed to you. Lost, stolen, or otherwise destroyed tickets are not replaceable. Points are fully redeemed when an airline ticket is issued. Tickets cannot be booked more than ten (10) months in advance. Additional costs, such as overnight shipping of tickets, are at your expense. All tickets are subject to airline restrictions. There are no exchanges or refunds if you fail to make a flight. Any change to your flight itinerary is subject to the airline's terms and conditions, including any applicable change fees.

B. Merchandise and Gift Certificate/Card Rewards
You may use Points to obtain merchandise that we make available in the Program (the "Merchandise Rewards") and gift certificates/cards at participating retailers (the "Gift Certificate/Card Rewards"). We may change the merchandise selection or gift certificates/cards from time to time without notice to you. To learn about our current Merchandise and Gift Certificate/Card Rewards go to or call us at 1-800-980-USAA (8722).

Number of Points Redeemed Gift Certificate / Card Reward Value
3,500 $25
7,000 $50
10,500 $75
14,000 $100
28,000 $200
35,000 $250
70,000 $500

If particular Merchandise is no longer available or is out of stock, we reserve the right to offer a substitute product of equal or greater value.
You may return damaged or defective merchandise for replacement with the same Reward. Otherwise, there are no returns, exchanges, or refunds for any Merchandise Rewards.
The manufacturer's warranty, if any, is the only warranty covering Merchandise Rewards. Neither we nor ALG make any guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to the Merchandise Rewards or the goods or services offered by any participating merchant of a Gift Certificate/Card Reward.
Merchandise may only be shipped to a street address within the United States, not to a P.O. Box, APO, FPO or DPO address. Some items may not be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. Standard shipping is available for Merchandise Rewards at no charge. Please allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of Merchandise Rewards and up to 7 to 10 business days for delivery of Gift Certificate/Card Rewards. Express delivery for Gift Certificate/Card Rewards is available for 1,500 extra Points.
Gift Certificate/Card Rewards will not be personalized and are transferable to any person. They are not exchangeable, refundable, re-loadable, or redeemable for cash. Gift Certificate/Card Rewards cannot be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen or if a merchant fails to honor them or goes out of business. Once you redeem Points for a Gift Certificate or Card Reward, neither we nor ALG is responsible for the merchant's failure to honor the Reward. Mechanical reproductions, copies, or facsimiles will not be accepted. Additional terms and conditions appearing on the gift certificate/card or otherwise imposed by the merchant or retailer will also apply.
Purchase Protection or Extended Warranty Coverage, which may normally apply to Purchases made with your Card, does not apply to Rewards received through this Program.

C. Cash Rewards
You may use Points to obtain a Cash Reward in the following amounts:

Number of Points Redeemed Amount of Cash Reward
3,000 $25
6,000 $50
12,000 $100
15,000 $125
20,000 $200
25,000 $250
30,000 $300
35,000 $350
45,000 $450
50,000 $500
60,000 $600
75,000 $750
100,000 $1,000
The Cash Reward will be credited to one of your USAA Rewards Accounts within two to five business days.
book) a cruise through ECT, or your participation in the Program.

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