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1.25% cashback, 9.9% APR – USAA : Active Military MasterCard; Exp. – unknown

By , December 31, 2012



Since the card application page states that "Military service members also get these special benefits", I assume that non-military people can apply for this card too.


Earn rebates up to 1.25% on your everyday purchases.

Enjoy variable rates as low as 9.9% APR on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

No annual fee and no minimum finance charge.

Your cash rebate is awarded every January for the purchases made the previous 12 months.

There's no limit to the amount you can earn.

Military service members also get these special benefits:

Special rate during your deployment or PCS up to 12 months.
Foreign transaction fees reimbursed when deployed.
100% rebates on all finance charges accrued during a qualified military campaign.

To receive the special active-duty benefits, you must tell us when you enter active duty, start a deployment/PCS, or complete service in a qualified military campaign. SCRA rate will not apply unless you notify us that you have entered into active military service. The SCRA rate will apply only to balances made before commencement of active duty and will last until the end of your active duty period. We will notify you 45 days in advance before the SCRA rate ends. Thereafter, the regular variable APR will apply. For all other benefits, we must receive notice within 90 days after the start of deployment or PCS, or within six months after completion of a military campaign. We reserve the right to require documentation. A qualified military campaign is any war or military conflict in which the President of the United States of America issues an Executive Order establishing a campaign medal.

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