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$100 bonus – First Trade Union Bank : open a checking account, setup direct deposit, use online bill pay; Exp. – 12/31/12

By , July 16, 2012


Note: The bonus is still alive.


Open a new First Trade Virtual Checking account before 12/31/12.
We'll deposit $50.00 if you enroll in direct deposit and have at least one (1) direct deposit of $50.00 or more credited to your Virtual Checking account by 1/31/13. A qualifying direct deposit is defined as the direct deposit of a paycheck, salary, pension, or government benefits electronically deposited by an employer or an outside agency. Bank-to-bank transfers between accounts held by the same individual, transfers between accounts both held at First Trade Union Bank, and deposits made via a banking location, ATM or remote capture process do not qualify. In the event that we determine in our sole discretion that the activity on your account does not qualify, we will not be obligated to credit your account with the payout.
We'll deposit $25.00 if you deposit one (1) check of $25.00 or more into your Virtual Checking account using FT Deposit mobile app by 1/31/13.
We'll deposit $25.00 if you enroll in FTUB Bill Pay service and pay at least one (1) bill of $25.00 or more through FTUB Bill Pay by 1/31/13.
Virtual Checking account balance must be greater than $100.00 at the time the bonus(es) are credited to the account.
Bonus(es) may be credited to your Virtual Checking account individually or as a lump sum.
Bonus(es) will be credited to the Virtual Checking account within 60 calendar days after the direct deposit, FT Deposit or Bill Pay services have gone into effect.
Maximum amount to be paid in bonuses is $100.00 per individual; if more than one Virtual Checking account is opened by one individual, only one account will qualify for this offer.
Bonus recipients are responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes.
First Trade reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time.

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