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Tennessee Commerce Bank Paying 1.95% APY on 60 Month CDs

By , January 11, 2012
Tennessee Commerce Bank is paying 1.95% APY on CDs for 60
months. Another bank offering the same
rate is Intervest National Bank.
The minimum balance
requirement for the rates at
both banks is $2,500. Savers can get a higher rate at
Melrose Credit Union. The financial institution is paying
2.68% APY on 60 month
certificates of deposit. The rate,
which can be availed by savers
across the nation, will require a
deposit of at least $5,000. (

CME Federal Credit Union Paying 2.00% APY on 12 Month CDs

By , January 11, 2012
CME Federal Credit Union, is paying a competitive rate on
combining two accounts it offers. One is a checking account and
the other is an account that
performs similar to a certificate
of deposit for 12 months. With
its Great2Save Account, savers
can earn 2.00% APY. On Capital Checking Account, they can get
1.01% APY. To get these rates, savers will
have to meet a few
requirements the credit union has. Check to get the lattest via

Ascenia Bank Paying 0.75% APY on 6 Month CDs

By , January 11, 2012
At Ascenia Bank, 6 month CDs are paying 0.75% APY. Seven other banks are offering
the same rate on CDs for the 6
month term. They are Doral Bank
Direct, Sanibel Captiva
Community Bank, Discover Bank,
Acacia Federal Savings Bank, First Internet Bank of Indiana,
Colorado Federal Savings Bank
and OneWest Bank. The minimum deposit
requirements for the banks
differ. At Ascencia and Acacia
Federal Savings Bank a deposit
of at least $500 is required,
while at Discover Bank and Colorado Federal Savings Bank, $
5,000 and $2,500 respectively
will have to be deposited. The
remaining of the eight banks
mandate that savers deposit $
1,000 (minimum).

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