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Alaska USA Federal Credit Union -1.50% APY on 24- month CD.

By , January 9, 2012
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
pays up to 1.50% APY on 24-
month CD. Save for your future with a
minimum of $500 deposit and
choose among these excellent certificates of deposit rates: 1.30% APY on 18 month CD
1.50% APY on 24 month CD
1.90% APY on 36 month CD
2.15% APY on 48 month CD Enjoy these deals by investing
while the rates are favorable to
the client. These rates are
subject to vary upon account
opening. Dividend method
selected may also affect earnings. Penalties apply for
withdrawals made prior to
maturity date and account may
be closed if the balance
remaining is less than the
minimum. These rates are exclusively offered to the
members of the union. For
interested applicants, the
membership service center
available thru http:// is ready to cater to your questions and
needs as well as any branch all
over Alaska.

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