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0% APR on purchases for 5 months – Discover Card : make new perchases with your existing card; Exp. – 11/15/11

By , October 23, 2011
The following info about 0% offer for new purchases with Discover card was shared by FW member MISTERCHEAP on FW:


Call 1-866-598-7732 by Nov 15,2011 and get a promotional 0%-2.9% APR on new purchases in US through April 30,2012. The promotional rate will apply until June 1,2012, then standard APR applies.

Just called, got 0% APR on NEW PURCHASES starting 10/30 to 6/1/12. CONFIRMED BY MISTERCHEAP

Some accounts will get 0%, some 1.9%, some 2.9% on NEW PURCHASES (not balance transfers). SOME WILL NOT GET ANY OFFER (it is ymmv)

If you customarily pay your bill in full each month to avoid interest charges, if you get the 0% offer, Just pay your min. payment each month starting with the November beill and entire balance by 6/1/12 to avoid going into higher interest rate category.

Great way to manage your cash flow for the holidays!


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