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[Certificate of deposit best rates] American Express Cd rate

By , January 1, 2011
1.45% APY*

On a 36-month CD from American Express

effective as of January 01, 2011

Learn about opening your account
Gather Your Information
Please have the following information available:

* Your Social Security Number or
Tax Identification Number‡
* Your home address and phone number‡
* Existing bank account information (can be found on your
personal checks)

‡If you are opening a joint account, you will need this information for both applicants.
Submit Your Application

* Choose your funding method: electronic transfer or check
* Select an amount for your initial deposit

Receive Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly after you submit your application. In some cases, we may need more time before we can send a confirmation.
Transfer Funds Electronically

Link your account by verifying the test deposits. Your account will be automatically funded with your initial deposit amount and you start earning interest on the day we receive your deposit.
Transfer Funds by Check

Mail your check to American Express Bank, FSB. You start earning interest on the day we receive your deposit.

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