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$20 bonus – Discover : make 20 transactions with a Discover Card; Exp. – unknown

By , December 20, 2010
The following info about a $20 bonus for a Discover Card was shared by SD member crablover2 on SD:


Discover Card $20/20 transactions for existing cardholders (YMMV)
I know there have been some older posts on variants of this topic, but I wanted to relay my personal experience on getting $20 for doing 20 transactions in 1 month (repeatable) for the generic existing Discover card cardholders.

Call the 800 Discover card number, and ask to be transfered to the "marketing" dept. Some CSRs are ignorant of this dept., just tell them it's the dept that gives out promotions like the APR promos if they are ignorant. No other CSR can get you this deal. Once talking to a "marketing" CSR, tell them that you heard about a $1 cashback per transaction promo, limit of 20 transactions for $20, and that you'd like to be put on this promo. The CSR will likely type a bit, and then say that you are a valued customer and will put you on this promo. MOREOVER, this will work over and over again. I typically cycle through my DC, wait until the $20 posts, then sign up my husband, wait for his $20 to post, then call back again for mine (we have separate individual accounts). I have been able to do this many times, though I probably could do it more often --- I'm too busy to remember to call back right away to be put on this promo. If I were cycling my own card, I probably would give it a month after getting the $20 before calling back again to get on the promo again, if you are so inclined to repeat the process. This is YMMV, but it has worked for me, my husband, and friends/family (N. CA area). Good luck, doesn't hurt to try. If they don't want to put you on this promo, you could push (am I not a valued customer? I've been a cardholder for xx years, I never got any DC promos, etc) because I think the CSRs in the marketing dept have leeway and can pretty much add anyone they want to it. If you get a CSR in the marketing dept who claims they've never heard of this promo, then hang up and call again. I've never had any CSR in marketing who has not heard of or given me this promo, though. Other non-marketing CSRs often have never heard of this promo.


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