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Eight iTunes download – Atlantic Stewardship Bank : InTune Checking Account; Exp. – unknown

By , June 27, 2010




The free personal checking account with no minimum balance where you can earn 8 iTunes ® download refunds just for signing up.

You can also earn 5 iTunes ® download refunds each month and ATM fee refunds nationwide up to $25.00. Simply meet three requirements each month to qualify:

* Make 15 Debit Card Transactions (excludes ATM transactions)
* Enroll and receive e-Statements
* Access online Banking at least once per monthly qualification cycle

Learn more about inTune Checking.

Helpful Hints for new InTune Checking Account Holders

The information below is provided to assist you in earning the rewards for your new InTune Checking Account.

* Be sure to use your ASB debit card for POINT OF SALE transactions, either debit or credit. Try to perform all 15 point of sale transactions in the first three weeks of the month (the monthly qualification period ends on the day before the LAST BUSINESS DAY of the month) to ensure that you receive your iTunes credits. Remember – ATM transactions DO NOT qualify as point of sale transactions.

* ACTIVATE YOUR DEBIT CARD - Once you receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number), you must activate your debit card at any ATM by doing a balance inquiry transaction. If you want to change your PIN, you must use an Atlantic Stewardship Bank ATM.

* SIGN UP FOR ONLINE BANKING - you must log on to ASB Online Banking at least once each monthly qualification period. You will do this when you view your E-Statement.
* SIGN UP FOR E-STATEMENTS - Once you receive your “Welcome” email for Online Banking, sign on, click on E-Statements, read the disclosure, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Accept.

Earn iTunes download refunds up to $10.32 with initial account opening regardless of qualifications. Earn up to $6.45 in iTunes download refunds each cycle the minimum qualifications are met. 5 and 8 downloads are based upon $1.29 per download. Sales tax may apply potentially reducing the number o f downloads reimbursed. I f you do not meet the qualifications per cycle, your account will still function as a free checking account, however, it will not receive ATM refunds or iTunes download refunds for that time period. No minimum balance required. Minimum deposit to open account $50. Available to personal accounts only. iTunes downloads must be purchased with your debit card associated with your inTune Checking Account . Domestic ATM refunds up to $25 per cycle. iTunes is a trademark of Apple, Inc. The program is not endorsed by iTunes or Apple nor is there any actual or implied joint venture, partnership, or relationship of any kind between Atlantic Stewardship Bank and Apple iTunes.

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