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$10 bonus + 6% cashback until 7/31/10 – Chase : use RealCash Debit Card; Exp. – unknown

By , June 20, 2010


$10 Bonus: The one-time $10 Chase RealCash Debit Card bonus will be automatically awarded to the primary checking account within 6-8 weeks of completing the first qualifying purchase made with your new Chase RealCash Debit Card.

Double Cash Back: If you open a Chase RealCash Debit Card between May 1 and July 31, 2010, you will receive double cash back (up to $50) for qualifying purchases made at participating merchant categories for the first sixty calendar days after you open your card. Double cash back offer does not apply to the $10 bonus you will receive after the first purchase without using your PIN, not does it apply to cash back earned through bonus offers or online purchases made through the RealCash Mall. Double cash back earned counts towards the $500 annual cap.

Qualifying Purchases: Qualifying purchases include purchases made with your debit card without using a PIN. Such "non-PIN" purchases include purchases you sign for, purchases made using the contact-less feature of some cards (as long as a PIN is not used), Internet purchases, phone or mail-order purchases, small dollar purchases that do not require a signature, and bill payments (where billers process the transaction as a credit card). Purchases, ATM and cash transactions authorized with a PIN (personal identification number) do not qualify. See the program Terms & Conditions for complete details on qualifying purchases. If prompted for "Debit or Credit", always select "Credit". The money for your purchases is always deducted from your checking account when you use your debit card, even if you select "Credit Card" if prompted or ask the biller to process your debit card as a credit card; do not provide your PIN. The money for your bill payment will still be deducted from your checking account.

Annual Fee: After signing up for your Chase RealCash Debit Card, a $25 annual fee will be automatically deducted from your primary checking account within 1-2 statement cycles. Icky.gif

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