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5.03% – First State Bank of Kansas City : First Choice Checking

By , February 21, 2010
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Q. Who may have a First Choice Checking account?

A. This account has been designed for the benefit of Consumers (individual or joint accounts). The account is not available for sole proprietorships, organizations, governments or retirement programs.

Q. Are there requirements I must meet to receive the account’s rewards?

A. Just 3 easy-to-meet requirements that you probably already do (or would like to do) each statement period:

10 posted Debit Card Point of Sale transactions (not ATM).
At least 1 Direct Deposit or ACH/Automatic Debit
Receive your periodic bank statement electronically using a valid email address.
Q. What rewards do I receive for meeting the monthly requirements?

A. You will receive the following rewards for each statement cycle in which you meet the requirements:
5.03% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on your account collected balance up to $25,000.
1.01% APY on collected balances over $25,000.
ATM surcharge refunds up to $25.00 per statement cycle. Any ATM. Anywhere in the U.S.A.
Q. What happens if I don’t meet the requirements during a statement period?

A. Your account will still be Free and you will still earn interest on the entire balance. The interest rate will default to 0.25%. You will not receive a refund of ATM surcharges.

Q. Is there a minimum balance requirement?


Q. Are there check-writing limitations?

A. There are no limitations as long as the account is used only for personal, family and household needs.

Q. How will I know if I qualified for the rewards?

A. There are two ways to know.
You will receive an email at the end of each statement cycle giving you detailed information about the requirements, interest earned, and ATM surcharge refunds.
You can also look on your statement to check the interest paid to your account and look for the ATM refunds.

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