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$80 bonus – Discover : Escape Card; Exp. – unknown

By , January 11, 2010

If you do not want to pay an annual fee, check Discover Miles card with a similar offer. You will not get double miles though.


You get 25,000 miles if you make one purchase every month during the first 25 months. There are few possible scenarios how to maximize profit from this card while paying as fewer fees as possible.

For example, you can use the card for 20 months and then start the process of redeeming the miles and closing the card to have enough time to get the reward and avoid a new annual fee.

You can exchange 20,000 miles for $200 travel credit or $100 statement credit (see here). Terms of a similar business credit card show that you can also exchange 22,000 miles for two $100 gift cards ( see here). I assume this is applicable for this personal credit card too. The net value of the bonus after subtracting two $60 annual fees from $200 (travel credit or gift card value) is $80.

You can also see some info about tavel reward redemption here.


Earn 1,000 Bonus Miles each calendar month you make a purchase for 25 months from the date your account is opened, with a cap of 25,000 Bonus Miles. We are not responsible for merchant delays in processing transactions. This promotional offer is in addition to the Standard Miles earned on purchases. Promotional Miles will be applied within 8 weeks.

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