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5% max cashback, from 1% to 0.25% regular cashback – Discover : Open Road Card for Students; Exp. – unknown

By , January 11, 2010



Earn cash rewards on all purchases. Earn 5% Cashback Bonus on category purchases throughout the year by signing up for each program. When you sign up, you will receive all the details, including the limit on the amount you can earn. In addition, earn 1% unlimited Cashback Bonus on all purchases after your total annual purchases exceed $3,000; other purchases that are part of your first $3,000 earn .25%. Warehouse purchases (those made at select warehouse clubs, discount stores and their affiliates) earn .25%. We do not include warehouse purchases or 5% Cashback Bonus program purchases (up to the dollar limit specified in each applicable program) in calculating your total annual purchases to determine your tier level. Rewards are redeemable starting at $20. Rewards have no expiration date; however, if your account is closed for any reason or inactive for 18 consecutive months or if you fail to make the Minimum Payment Due by the Payment Due Date for two consecutive billing periods, your Cashback Bonus will be forfeited. Full terms and conditions will be sent with your card.

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