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TARGETED: 10% cash back up-to $400 – Citibank : Citi Platinum Select MC; Exp. – 4/15/07

By , January 8, 2009

UPDATE: OP just reported that this was likely a targeted offer.

You would have to call Citibank 1-800-248-1010 and to find if you are eligible for the offer and to apply. See more details in a repost of Dearth's message on FW below.

by Dearth:

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this card or is it a new offering? I couldn't find it by searching on FW or googling.

I got a mail offer yesterday for a Citi Platinum Select MC that offers 10% CashBack for certain time periods with a $100 cap per time period. It is a $400 overall cap per year ($100 per time period). The time periods are March/April (tax time), June (Vacation time), August (back to school time) and November/December (holiday time).

Seems like a great card for the first $1000 spent during those four time periods.

Normally I read over the incoming offers before tossing them in the shred pile but this one caught my attention.

I'm sorry I don't have a link to an offer this was direct mailed to me was wondering if anyone has any experience with this card?


Ok Offer is good until 4/15/07 the number to call is 1-800-248-1010
The name of the card is simply Citi Platinum Select MC they don't name the 10% program (they refer to it as "the power to put everything on sale". I'm guessing this is targeted but let me know if they let you apply by phone. There is no listed offer code or anything of that nature to refer to.

Other info is 0% on BT until 3/1/08, no annual fee and APR is 10.24% (Default 32.24%) BT fees = 3% with a $5 min and $250 max.

I think this is a great card for people that spend over $1,000 during those periods (or anyone really). You can use your other 5% card for gas etc. and use the 10% for normal items you probably only get 1-2% on now. Also the 10% is applied as a statement credit at the end of the time period.

I'm sorry if Citi won't extend this to others I figure it's worth a shot.


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