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ISO: PAPERLESS credit card with at least 1% cash back

By , January 8, 2009
It isn't too hard to find cards that offer at least 1% cash back on ALL purchases (with potentially higher returns for certain purchases). However... I want to find a card that has this benefit along with at least the option of being PAPERLESS, meaning that I will never receive a statement in the mail and also that I can pay off my account balance online via its website.

- DiscoverCard offers paperless electronic statements and online balance payment; however, the cash back is tiered so it is actually less than 1% until you reach a certain level of spending per year.

- The Motley Fool Visa gives 1% cash back on all purchases and offers online balance payments; however, they only send out paper statements.

What are some credit cards that definitely satisfy ALL of the following criteria?
1) paperless e-statements
2) online balance payment
3) at least 1% cash back on all purchases

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