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8% cash back at restaurants into your Upromise account

By , January 8, 2009



Saving for college never tasted this good. you can get up to 8% of your total bill - including tax and tip - in college savings when you dine at participating restaurants! Just be sure to pay with a credit/debit card you have registered in your Upromise account.*

*You may have memberships in several dining programs administered by Rewards Network, but each credit or debit card may only
be registered to earn rewards in one program at a time. If your credit or debit card is already registered with another dining program
administered by Rewards Network, you cannot receive Upromise contributions unless you switch your enrollment to the Upromise
Dining Program by contact us at (888) 434-9111, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 11:30 PM or Saturday and Sunday from
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern time.

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When you dine at one of over 8,000 restaurants nationwide and use a registered credit card* to pay your bill, you can receive up to 8% in college contributions on the entire check, including tax and tip, up to $600.

And Upromise makes it easy to find a restaurant near you. Just visit the Dining section of the site.

*Diners Club cards are not eligible for the Upromise Dining Program.

When you dine at a participating restaurant when they are offering college savings and pay with a registered credit or debit card that has been validated for Upromise Dining, you are eligible to receive contributions.

Some participating restaurants contributions are available all-day, every day and each time you visit. However, other restaurants have blackout dates and/or limit the number of qualified visits in a calendar month. So please be sure to check individual restaurant details before dining.

Restaurant contribution range from 4% to 8% of your total bill. The specific amount that a restaurant offers is always listed in the restaurant search results page and restaurant information page. The maximum contribution you can receive per visit is $48 for 8% restaurants and $24 for 4% restaurants.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, some establishments will discontinue their participation in this program. If a particular establishment does not appear in the restaurant listing, it is no longer participating. Contributions will not be given on transactions from establishments that have dropped out of the program. Be sure to check the restaurant search results page to ensure that restaurants you wish to dine at are still participating on the date you wish to dine.

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