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6% cashback on Maverik gas, 2% everywhere else for 60 days, 3% rebates on Maverik gas, 1% rebates everywhere else – Juniper Bank : Maverik Platinum MasterCard; Exp. – unknown

By , January 8, 2009


Terms from the card application page:

Juniper Bank will provide rebates equal to 3 points for each dollar of purchases made on a cardmember's MAVERIK Platinum MasterCard at participating MAVERIK and MAVERIK branded locations and rebates equal to 1 point for each dollar of purchases made anywhere else provided the account is open and current at the time of purchase. For the first sixty (60) days that an account is open, rebates of 6 points for each dollar of MAVERIK and MAVERIK branded purchases and 2 points for each dollar of other purchases will be awarded to a cardmembers MAVERIK Platinum MasterCard account provided the account is open and current. There is no maximum rebate allowance for purchases at MAVERIK or MAVERIK branded retail locations. Rebate accumulations will be reported monthly on your billing statement. Each time you accumulate 2000 points, a $20 rebate coupon will be sent on your next month's billing statement. A maximum of three coupons will be sent on one billing statement; however, rebates will continue to accumulate. Rebates are not transferable and points accumulated will expire after 12 months if not redeemed.

Maverik will provide an immediate gas discount on gas purchases at Maverik with the Maverik Platinum MasterCard. This discount is as follows: $0.02/gallon for unleaded and diesel fuel; $0.03/gallon for blended fuel; and $0.04/gallon for premium fuel. Maverik will also provide Maverik Platinum MasterCard cardholders with the monthly in-store discounts available to Maverik Adventure Club Card cardholders.

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