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5% cashback on gas – Bank of America : AAA Visa; Exp. – unknown

By , January 8, 2009



1. This 5% Gas Rebate Program (the “Program”) is open to select members of AAA who participate in the AAA Gas Rebate credit card program that is issued and administered by FIA Card Services N.A. (also referred to as “we,” “us” or “our”). The 5% gas rebate is based on transactions made with an eligible AAA endorsed credit card (“Account”) at any automated fuel dispenser worldwide. To be eligible to receive the benefits of the Program, each participating cardholder’s Account must be in good standing, i.e., open and with charging privileges. You must be at least 18 years of age and either a United States Citizen or permanent resident of the U.S., or at least 21 years of age and a permanent resident of Puerto Rico to enjoy the full benefits of the Program. The benefits of the Program are not available in connection with any retail purchase transaction that may be reimbursable to the cardholder by a business, company, or any other commercial entity. The Program is intended only for the personal use of the credit card Customer.

2. To be eligible to receive a gas rebate, you and your authorized user(s), if any, must use the AAA Visa Credit Card when making an automated fuel dispenser transaction at a gas retail location. A transaction at an automated fuel dispenser is a transaction at a gasoline pump in which the credit card is swiped through a card reader physically attached to that gasoline pump for purposes of authorizing and completing the purchase of the gasoline. The transaction must be assigned the merchant category code of 5542. Purchases made at a Gas Retailer which does not process transactions under this code will not qualify and you will not receive the gas rebate. “You” and “your” refer to the applicant and co-applicant, if any, who individually or jointly apply and are approved for the credit card.

3. The Gas Rebate will be calculated at a rate of 5% multiplied by your total eligible gas volume (merchant category code 5542 transactions) for that billing cycle and limited to 2% of your total net retail purchase transactions (excluding returns) for that billing cycle. The rebate earned for each periodic billing cycle will post on the first day of the next month’s billing cycle statement in the “Payments and Credits” section. The rebate will appear as “MM/YY Statement Gas Rebate.”

4. If any transaction is identified as unauthorized or fraudulent, or is restricted, credited, or otherwise subject to adjustment, FIA Card Services, N.A reserves the right to adjust the gas rebate calculation accordingly. We also reserve the right to decline a gas rebate request whenever it is determined that the merchant is not qualified.

5. Gas rebates may not be transferred from one Account to another Account or to any other issued by FIA Card Services, N.A or Bank of America. Gas rebates may not be transferred upon death or as part of a domestic relations matter or legal proceedings.

6. Any violation of the terms of the Program may result in termination of your eligibility to earn gas rebates.

7. We may amend or terminate the Program at any time, with or without notice, even if such actions affect the extent or amount of the gas rebate.

8. Liability for any federal, state, or local taxes, as may be applicable, shall be the sole responsibility of each participating AAA member.

9. The terms of the Program are subject to government approval and are void where prohibited.

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