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14% cashback from Citibank and Upromise when you dine out.

By , January 8, 2009

The following info was posted by user MNYMGR1 on SD:

Another couple small dining deals you can participate in with your kid's Upromise account. The 2nd deal works only if you also have the Upromise CC from Citibank

The first part of this is to go to the dining page at Upromise and sign up for their $10 back bonus after a $150 in expenses are reached. This one has been around for a while. You must signup for this deal to qualify.

The second one was received with my CC statement yesterday. Goto and signup for an extra 5% bonus from Upromise, on top of their 8% (or less) bonus you would normally receive. The way I figure it, if we go to a restaurant with an 8% bonus, we will get 8%, 1% citibank cc normal, and 5% upromise bonus = 14% back. That's not too bad IMO. You have to sign up for this deal to have it work. When you get to the page, click the Learn More button that says Exclusive offer ffrom Upromise Dining.

I know these aren't the greatest deals but if you're going out during the holidays, might as well get a little back for your kids. I was surprised to see we will get Buona Beef money back, didn't know they were part of the program. (Chicago area) If you happen to give gift certificates as Christmas presents, combining that purchase from a restaurant in this deal would be a great way to boost your Upromise savings.


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