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10% cashback on gas and groceries for 3 months, 3% thereafter – First National Bank of Omaha : Gas and Grocery Rewards Card; Exp. – unknown

By , January 8, 2009



For the first three (3) billing cycles after your Account is opened, you will earn 10% back (equal to ten (10) points) and 3% back (equal to three (3) points) thereafter for each $1.00 in Qualifying Credit Card Transactions that are Gas and Grocery Purchases. "Gas and Grocery Purchases" means purchases made at any merchant whose merchant category code (MCC) is classified with "Visa" as follows: 5541 - service stations; 5542 - automated fuel dispensers; or 5411 - grocery stores, supermarkets. The MCC is a four-digit code used by the bankcard industry to classify a merchant's primary business. Some merchants you might expect to be classified into one of the MCCs identified above may not be classified as such. This could affect whether purchases you make at such merchants will qualify as Gas and Grocery Purchases and, as a result, whether you will earn a higher percentage back on such purchases. Gas and Grocery Purchases do not include, without limitation, purchases made at warehouse clubs, superstores and discount stores. We do not determine the classification of a merchant's MCC, and we are not responsible for making sure that any merchant's MCC is correctly classified with "Visa". We reserve the right to determine whether any transaction qualifies as a Gas and Grocery Purchase, and our determinations shall be final. If you believe that one of your Gas and Grocery Purchases has been incorrectly classified with "Visa", please contact us at the customer service phone number appearing on your statement. A maximum of 60,000 points ($600.00 in credit) may be earned in any twelve consecutive billing cycles. A credit will be applied to your Account (and appear on your billing statement) after each separate occasion in which you earn 5,000 points and if your Account is then in good standing. It may take 30 to 60 days after each occasion in which you earn 5,000 points before the respective credit is applied to your Account. Points will expire on or after the third anniversary of when they were awarded.

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