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10% cashback for 60 days, 3% cashback thereafter on RaceTrac gas – Barclays Bank Delaware : RaceTrac Platinum MasterCard; Exp. – unknown

By , January 8, 2009



Earn 10% on all purchases at RaceTrac locations for the first two months the account is open and 2% on all other purchases.

After the first two months you'll continue to earn 3% on purchases at RaceTrac and 1% on all other purchases.

RaceTrac Reward Program
- Your RaceTrac or RaceWay Platinum MasterCard is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware('Barclays'), located in Wilmington, DE. The RaceTrac Reward Program ('Program') is owned and administered by Barclays. By accepting the RaceTrac or RaceWay Platinum MasterCard, you agree that Barclays may share information regarding your account, including the account number and transaction information, with RaceTrac for the purposes of providing customer service to you for the Program.

- Rewards under the Program are earned on purchases made with your RaceTrac or RaceWay Platinum MasterCard. The following transactions are excluded from 'Purchases' and do not earn rewards: convenience checks, balance transfers, cash advances and credit card fees. Rewards are also not earned on returns made on your account.

- Your account must remain open and in good standing to receive rewards offered under the Program. Good standing means you are not in Default under the Cardmember Agreement.

- Barclays will provide rewards equal to 3% for all purchases made on a cardmembers RaceTrac or RaceWay Platinum MasterCard at participating RaceTrac or RaceWay locations and rewards equal to 1% on all purchases made anywhere else provided the account is open and current at the time of purchase. For the first 60 days that an account is open, rewards of 10% on RaceTrac or RaceWay Purchases and 2% on all other purchases will be awarded to a cardmembers RaceTrac or RaceWay Platinum MasterCard account provided the account is open and current. There is no maximum reward allowance for purchases at RaceTrac or RaceWay branded locations. Reward accumulations will be reported monthly on your billing statement. Each time you accumulate at least $20 in rewards, you will receive a certificate on your Barclays billing statement in $20 increments that may be redeemed on a future RaceTrac or RaceWay purchase. A maximum of three coupons will be sent on one billing statement however, rebates will continue to accumulate. Rewards are not transferrable. Points do not expire, however, statement reward certificates do expire 12 months from issuance if not redeemed.

- RaceTrac certificates are honored at any participating RaceTrac or RaceWay branded location in the USA. The RaceTrac certificate or any other reward method is offered by the Program and is not an obligation of Barclays. Any disputes concerning rewards will not affect your payment obligation to Barclays on your account. You will not earn rewards if your account is not in good standing. Any tax liability resulting from the Program is the cardmembers responsibility. Barclays is not responsible for any dispute from joint cardmembers or authorized users relating to the reward Program.

- Any discrepancies in rewards earned must be brought to Barclays' attention promptly, but in no event later than 60 days from the date of the transaction or the billing statement for which an adjustment is sought.

- Barclays and RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. reserve the right to suspend, modify, cancel or terminate the Program, in whole or in part, at any time for any reason; including but not limited to 6 months of inactivity on the account. Rewards accumulated are not the property of the cardmember and cannot be bought, sold or transferred (including upon your death or as part of a domestic relations settlement). Any abuse of the Program, failure to follow Program terms, or misrepresentation by a cardmember will make the cardmember ineligible to earn further rewards under the RaceTrac Reward Program. Rewards on RaceTrac or RaceWay gasoline are only available for personal purchases and cannot be earned or redeemed by any business, commercial, or government account.

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