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Reward credit cards sorted by the value of annual cashback/gift card rewards for an average US family.

By , September 18, 2008

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This is the first iteration in making a list of US credit cards sorted by annual CashBack. The main challenge is to find info about average spending in “credit-card-friendly” categories. Right now, I use info about average US family spending pattern for񎧕 from Bureau of Labor Statistics ( see a PDF file here ). Those spending categories can not always be directly converted into credit card reward categories. I will keep working on finding a more relevant info.

Here is the list of BLS spending categories and corresponding average annual amounts for 2005 that I used.

Housekeeping supplies $611
Household operations $8ǡ
Alcohol $426
Tobacco $319
Entertainment $2388
Other vehicle expenses $2339
Gas $2013
Utilities $3183
General $ᗨ
Public transportation $448
Education $940
Groceries 񘬡
Personal care $541
Healthcare $2664
Apparel $1886
Reading $126
House furniture and equipment $1767
Insurance $381
Restaurants $2634

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