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Get 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers, no BT fees with Wells Fargo Visa Platinum Credit Card

By , June 12, 2007



Please keep in mind that Wells Fargo does not guarantee 0% promo APR. It can be as high as 5.9% depending, I guess, on your credit history. There is no balance transfer fees if you do a transfer within 30 days of account opening.


Introductory APRs range from 0.00% to 5.9% for the first 6 billing periods the account is open.1 After that, APRs range from 12.90% to 23.50% depending on applicant's credit qualifications.

Balance Transfer APRs: Introductory APRs range fromŀ.00% to 5.9% for the first 6 billing periods the account is open

Balance Transfer Fee: The fee is $0 for the first 30 days the account is open and after that, 3% of the amount of each balance transfer, but not less than $5 or more than $75.

If a minimum monthly payment is not received by its payment due date or the account is closed for any reason (including closure based on a default on another Wells Fargo account), any introductory or promotional APR (the "Promotional APR") then in effect is forfeited and the APR that will be applied to the outstanding balance will be the Standard Rate for purchases as described in the Customer Agreement and Disclosure Statement. In addition, if the New Balance shown on your billing statement exceeds your account's credit limit for two consecutive billing periods, the Promotional APR will be forfeited and either the Standard Rate for purchases or the Default Rate will be applied to the outstanding balances. Please note that the practice referred to as "universal default" does not apply to this account. If you take advantage of any Promotional APR offer, payments to your account will be applied to balances at the Promotional APRs first and will not be applied to other balances at higher APRs until such Promotional APR balances have been paid in full or the Promotional APRs expire. That means your savings will be reduced if you have balances that are subject to higher APRs.


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