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0% APR for 6 mo, no BT fees, no foreign transactions fees – Juniper bank : Harvard Alumni Association World MasterCard; Exp. – unknown

By , March 25, 2007


IBD note. 0% APR promo is just for 6 month, however, there are no fees for BT and convenience checks make this card somewhat attractive. I am not sure if one really have to providee a proof of studying in Harvard to be approved for the card.


The 0% introductory APR applies to Balance Transfers and Convenience Checks during the first 6 billing cycles your account is open and requires that you maintain your current level of credit performance and that timely payments are received. See Terms and Conditions for the HAA MasterCard for additional information regarding this offer, including the allocation of payments, the APR for Purchases, the APR for Cash Advances, the APR for Balance Transfers and Convenience Checks after the introductory period, and the APR if your payment is received late, if you exceed your credit line or if your payment is not honored by your bank.

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