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6.0% savings from HSBC until 4/30/07

By , January 28, 2007



6.00% is a promotional Annual Percentage Yield (APY) available on New Money only between January 29, 2007 and April 30, 2007. Minimum balance to open an account is $1.00.

New Money Period is January 29, 2007 through April 30, 2007. Starting Balance means the available balance in your account as of the close of business on January 26, 2007. New Money means funds not previously held by any member of the HSBC Group deposited during the New Money Period less any withdrawals, and it excludes your Starting Balance as calculated below. New Money must be in available funds for the promotional rate to apply.

5.75% 6 months 1k min

By , January 21, 2007
Thanks to Paul in NY for mentioning this very competitive bank!

Their CD rates are high and only need a low opening deposit.

3 months: 5.25%
6 months + : 5.75%
2 years + : 5.65%

6% for 8 months (1k min) new money only

By , January 17, 2007
credit goes to credituniondeals

They also have a 2yr: 5.50% 1k min.

6.08% + on 3+yr CD 100k min

By , January 15, 2007
credit goes to credituniondeals

1k+: 5.56%
50k+: 5.82%
100k: 6.08%

1k: 5.67%
50k: 5.93%
100k: 6.19%

1k: 5.77%
50k: 6.03%
100k: 6.29%

5.27% APY Apple Savings Bank

By , January 14, 2007

Minimum deposit to open is only $1

5.25% checking upto 25k. 10x debit card + direct deposit

By , January 11, 2007

Freedom Checking
Free Checking doesn’t give you the horsepower of Freedom Checking:
5.25% Annual Percentage Yield*.
Refund on other banks ATM's.
Free Checks.
Free Check Card.
Free Bill Pay.
On-line Banking.

* 5.25% Annual Percentage Yield on daily balance up to $25,000 (rate subject to change). .75% Annual Percentage Yield on balances over $25,000. Variable rate. Refunds on other banks ATM fees up to $50.00 per statement cycle. $100 minimum balance to open account. (10) Check Card and/or Point of Sale transactions (excluding ATM transactions), access/receive statement electronically, maintain valid e-mail address, one direct deposit and/or ACH debit (monthly determination based on statement cycle) to earn interest.

(credit goes to bankdeals)

6% APY – Lockheed FCU – Money Market, 2K min, 10K max; Eligibility – anyone; Exp. – unknown

By , January 10, 2007

See attached image below. Thanks g10ny for sharing this info on FW ( The CU can be joined via

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