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6% 13 Month CD at WAMU with BUMP?

By , August 24, 2006
Called WAMU (Washington Mutual Bank) today here in Houston, asked them about rumor about 6% CD. Rep said yes 6% for 13 months, last day to purchase August 31, 2006. ^_^

Check must come from a different bank. Asked if I transferred funds from ING to my WAMU checking would that be OK... nope! Must be check from another bank to open 6% CD. Anyway she goes on to say that the 6% rate has a bump feature and if rates increase, they will bump up the rate too.. not sure what the trigger is though. :cussing:

Also asked if the CD was callable, and she said no. All is good. ^_^

Minimum $1000 with $100,000 max to be insured FDIC unless you have a joint account then more?

Figure % rates will probably go up, but 6% now is better than 5%ish around in the MM's.

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